When we make our first forays into IST, we learn how to bring the light of discernment to our inner world. There’s power in replacing layers of opinions, preconceptions, and false beliefs with direct experiences of ourselves.

Clarity and vision are the building blocks of discernment. They act like beacons cutting through inner fog and darkness, showing us what is actually us and what is not.

The more we care for and cultivate the light of discernment, the more we can rely on it as a compass for navigating our experience. We are equipped to move from appearances to underlying reality, which brings a depth of freedom that only comes from doing the work to know ourselves.

Discernment carves out a path to what in us is substantial and lasting. If we were to observe how often our thoughts, moods, and preferences change on a daily basis, we’d probably be amazed by how fleeting it all is.

The level at which we ARE is entirely different. It doesn’t change with external circumstances. Being there means reconnecting with Presence. When we do IST, we are reinforcing the path forged by discernment and preparing to take it into our lives.

The development of discernment is one of the major ways that IST empowers you to navigate the world from Presence instead of mechanical patterns. Far from creating reliance on your practitioner, these techniques are designed to show you all of the resources you already have inside.

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  1. Your words come from a place of simplicity, effortlessly carrying what is obviously your experience Brian.
    Elegantly structured blogs , enticing & welcoming….
    More please

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