To know something, find its source

What is sourcing?

“A great secret of wisdom is: to know something, find its source. This can be applied to a whole range of spiritual mysteries, including our present topic.” (Regression, Past Life Therapy for Here and Now Freedom 3.2)

There is no more important thread running through the Inner Space Techniques than sourcing. IST was originally called Inner Space Interactive Sourcing. To better understand sourcing, we can think of it as a movement. When we source something, we move from one level of reality to another.

Imagine you’re a doctor. Your patient enters, presenting with a variety of symptoms. You could remain on the level of the symptoms or move behind their appearance to investigate the underlying cause. The symptoms are many and could even appear to offer conflicting information. From that level, it would be difficult to put together a coherent picture of what’s happening inside your patient. However, a deeper investigation reveals a single underlying cause for all those apparently conflicting symptoms. What was happening behind the scenes becomes manifest. You’re now in a position to treat your patient effectively.

There’s much to see about sourcing in this analogy. When we source, we move from appearances to reality, from consequences to causes. There, at the source of whatever we are investigating, we can really know. When we know the source of something, there is often an experience of simplicity, as if the complication of more superficial layers gave way to a piercing clarity. In the analogy, it would be akin to the doctor’s experience of seeing the single cause behind all the different symptoms. The dots are connected and a greater sense of meaning emerges.

Sourcing is not a technique. It is a function of consciousness. In fact, it is one of the highest and most noble functions, a real power. We can see this clearly when we begin to experience the power of sourcing firsthand. The Inner Space Techniques take us beyond the level of our ordinary mind – the endless inner dialogue that goes on in our heads day in and day out – using the power of sourcing.

The ordinary mind or OMC (ordinary mental consciousness)is only one of many levels available to us. As we experience the sourcing power of consciousness, we can access places inside ourselves that we’d never seen before. From there, it is possible to find freedom and resolution around problems, ingrained patterns, or stuck emotional charges. Why? It’s because we are seeing and working with them at their source. In other words, we are addressing the cause of the illness instead of the symptoms. Sourcing opens up possibilities for emotional resolution and self-knowledge that are profound.

“At deep levels, clients may have simple realizations which will completely change their life. In the twinkling of an eye, more is achieved than in years of explorations at the surface level of the mind.”

Let the power of sourcing work for you.


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