The IST Process

The Inner Space Techniques are based on the view that true emotional freedom comes through experiences of metaphysical opening.

So, what is metaphysical opening?

Put simply, it’s an experience of being more. You have awakened to your own depth and vastness. From that place, you are effortlessly yourself, awake and alive. You have the freedom to live outside of old emotional patterns, behaviors, and ways of thinking. Even more, you can achieve lasting resolution of these patterns because you are in a part of yourself that’s capable of real change.

The experience of freedom is at the heart of the IST process. You are not a passive observer, but an active participant in awakening to the real you. That awakening is what metaphysical opening is all about. After doing this work, you will be different – more yourself than ever before.



Sessions are ninety minutes each.

Before our first session, I’ll ask you a few questions and introduce you to the IST process. More than anything, it’s an opportunity for us to get to know each other better and for you to feel at ease with the work we’ll be doing.

The structure of each session is interactive. I will be your practitioner. Practically speaking, this means I will hold a space in which you can access deep experiences of self-knowing. Along the way, I will give verbal indications and ask you questions to guide the session. You, the client, will not be asked to do anything apart from open to your experience. The rest will come on its own.